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04 Jan, 08

Exceptional conclusion of the Sibiu ECC 2007 Program

The City Hall of Sibiu through the Cultural Department of the City and the Sibiu European Capital of Culture 2007 Association will mark the closing of the Sibiu European Capital of Culture 2007 Program by means of a celebration spreading over the whole month of December. The locals of Sibiu as well as the visitors will have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of performances: rock concerts sustained by famous artists from all over the world, dance performances, installations and pyrotechnic shows, a Unique Christmas Fair, all these events highlighting the closing of a very special year, a year during which Sibiu hosted more than 1500 cultural events and during which the city transformed into the cultural capital of Romania.

While the opening of the Sibiu ECC 2007 was marked through two days of events, this time the organizers promise a whole month of spectacular events. The Christmas Fair, the first ever organized in Sibiu, a skating gala hosted by the 2007 Pavilion, rock concerts which will bring important names to Sibiu such as Eros Ramazotti, Europe, Reamonn, Loredana & guests, the artists of the Carabosse theatre company, who will put together an impressive performance of installations in the center of the town between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the famous group The Fire of Anatolia which will sustain an impressive performance of oriental dances as well as other artists and surprise shows.

The general background of the closing event will be ensured by an extraordinary performance by Groupe F, a company which the inhabitants of Sibiu are familiar with from the opening of the Capital of Culture and which will turn the night of December 31st, 2007 in a truly memorable moment. The performance put together by the French artists will place the public in the middle of an impressive celebration, the public witnessing a theatre of light, inhabited by pyrotechnic characters of magic inspiration accompanied by a series of special effects, fireworks, flames and sounds.

The organizers are at the moment in various stages of negotiations of the contracts with each of the listed artists, but there is the possibility that some details be changed meanwhile, from the performing artists to the exact time when these performances will take place. The total budget allocated to the December events is of approximately EURO 2.400.000. According to a financing agreement, the European Committee will reimburse approximately 60% of the total budget allocated for the events.

The City Hall Press Office as well as the Communication Office of the Association will submit these changes to the mass-media in due time and the public will be informed of the changes which may occur by means of posters and leaflets.

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