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04 Jan, 08

The Sibiu2007 Volunteer Department ''incorporated''

Sibiu, November 20th. The Sibiu2007 Volunteer Department established a new partnership meant to stimulate and promote the implication of the community in the successful unwinding of the Sibiu European Capital of Culture 2007 Program.

The Volunteer Department within the Coordination Office for the Sibiu ECC 2007 Program signed a cooperation protocol with the “General Maior Nicolae Uscoi” Cadet Body Association in order to support the coordination activities of the cultural events scheduled in the official calendar of the program for the end of the year.

Two hundred young cadets will be involved in administrative, logistic and protocol activities, being divided in several teams coordinated by fifteen group leaders. Moreover, this experience allows each individual to contribute in his unique way, not only in the production of the cultural events but also by giving support to the cultural heritage of the city by increasing the self awareness and enthusiasm of the community members. Their activity started at the ‘’I Solisti Veneti’’ Concert which took place on November 3rd at the State Philharmonics in Sibiu where volunteers were involved in the placing of the public in the performance hall and ensured the installation of various devices for this concert.

The “General Maior Nicolae Uscoi” Cadet Body Association is a non-governmental and non-profit organization with the purpose of contributing to increase the professional, cultural, sportive and moral level of the students of the Academy of Terrestrial Forces and to increase the prestige of the Romanian superior military education. The person who initiated this volunteers’ organization is the president of the department of Culture, Ethics and Traditions within the Association, Catalin Balasa, who finds this partnership as ‘’creating a unique life experience and an exceptional cultural knowledge accumulation. It is our greatest pleasure to participate in all these projects of European dimension’’. The cadet association is formed of the students of the Academy of Terrestrial Forces in Sibiu. The institution was founded in 1920 as the second officers’ school in Romania and starting with 1995, in recognition of its excellence in the educational and scientific research field, it becomes a military institution of university education bearing the name of the Romanian historian, writer and revolutionary Nicolae Balcescu.

The Sibiu2007 Volunteer Program offers people aged between 14 and 60 the possibility to become involved in local, national and international projects unwinding under the Sibiu ECC 2007 Program. Until the present, during the entire Sibiu ECC 2007 Program, the department cooperated with over 1000 volunteers with a semi-permanent statute and with 250 volunteers with a permanent statute. The program offers training sessions by means of non-formal education and cooperated with volunteers from Japan, France, Germany, Austria, Poland and Canada. The department is coordinated by Lavinia Alexe who stated that “the contribution of the new group of volunteers is an added value to the program representing a real support. What impressed me the most with this group is the team spirit and particularly the energy and the availability with which they came to our support, for which I thank them’’.

The Sibiu European Capital of Culture would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers who made possible the successful unwinding of the cultural events which took place this year. For more details on this subject, please contact the Coordination Office of the Sibiu ECC 2007 Program.

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