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04 Jan, 08

The 2008 “Transylvanian Painted Furniture” Calendar

Starting with December 14th, 2007, the “Emil Sigerus” Museum of German Ethnography will make available for sale the “Transylvanian Painted Furniture” calendar. The calendar presents the most valuable furniture pieces from the collection of the museum such as the dowry crate dating from 1582, in which the bride placed her rich dowry for the wedding, the table with the secret compartment which was placed in the best room where the important decisions of the family were taken, the bread cabinet, which unveils special shapes and ornamental items, with the purpose of showing the symbolic affection for bread, the neighborhood crate with a social role, the Transylvanian chandelier dating from the 19th century, all these presented according to certain categories, with explanations in Romanian and German.  

The calendar can be purchased at the library of the Astra Museum, opened in the House of Arts situated at no. 21 in the

Small Square
, at the Tourist Information Center in the open-air museum as well as the headquarters of the “Franz Binder” Museum of Universal Ethnography situated at no. 11 in the
Small Square

The calendar is available for purchasing at a price of 12 lei.

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