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Extraordinary natural beauties, magnificent towns and villages, first class resorts and historic sites surround Sibiu.
There are so many places of interest around Sibiu that make difficult to introduce all of them.

The south - eastern part of Transylvania, corresponding to the area where German communities have been colonised (Flandrens, Teutons, Saxons) by the kings of Hungary, has a specific character. It is conferred by the frequency of the fortified churches, dating since the XIIth - XVIth centuries, present in most of the villages colonised by the German population, known under the name of Saxons.
The churches, fortified or not, have been surrounded by walls, towers and bastions of defense of a various and picturesque diversity.
The greater frequency of fortified churches is found in Sibiu County, Orastie, Sebes, Miercurea, Sibiu, Nocrich, Cincu, Rupea, Biertan.

Paltinis - Health Resort
Touristic resort situated at 32 km North - West from Sibiu, Paltinis is the highest (1440 m altitude), and the oldest resort in Romania.
It was founded by the Transylvanian Carpathian Society (S.K.V.) in 1894. The layer of snow resists about six months a year, being Paltinis visiting card for winter sports.
At Schit (Hermitage), near the wooden church, was buried Constantin Noica, the philosopher (1907 - 1987).

Ocna Sibiului
is placed at an altitude of 450 m from the sea level at 12 km from Sibiu. It has access to the main road, the railway and the Sibiu Airport. It was documentary attested in 1263.
The resort was officially inaugurated in the 20th of June 1858. Between 1906 - 1909, the central pavilion and the bathing house were raised; they are still existing. They have spaces for warm bathing, mud packing, aerosols, and basins. Since 1948 - Ocna Sibiului becomes a permanent resort.

In a larger sense, the region called Marginimea Sibiului represents a geographical historical and ethnographical entity, including the chain of Romanian villages situated at the feet of Sibiu Mountains.
The following localities belong to the region called Marginimea Sibiului: Boita, Sadu, Rau Sadului, Talmaciu, Talmacel, Rasinari, Poplaca, Gura Raului, Orlat, Fantanele, Sibiel, Vale, Saliste, Gales, Tilisca, Rod, Poiana Sibiului and Jina.
The greatest part of the villages in the area has preserved strong spiritual and ethno - folkloric traditions, conferring to these communities a specific aspect. The wonderful geographic site, the purity of the people and of the nature, the richness and the diversity of the cultural patrimony, turn this place into a region with a great touristic potential.

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