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After few rounds of public meetings and debates, the representatives of the local actors decided to form an NGO which will be entrusted with the organization of Sibiu/Hermannstadt 2007.

The Juridical Department of the Municipality undertook the first steps towards establishing a non-lucrative association named Association Sibiu/Hermannstadt European Capital of Culture 2007 and registering it in a court of law according to Romanian laws. The operations of the Association will be internally and externally audited.
The Management Board of the Association Sibiu/Hermannstadt European Capital of Culture 2007 is entitled to take the decisions regarding the organization of the European Capital of Culture Sibiu/Hermannstadt 2007.

Besides the office located in the City Hall of Sibiu/Hermannstadt, the presidents
of the association in Sibiu/Hermannstadt Mr. Klaus Johannis and the president of
the Luxembourg association Mr. Guy Dockendorf agreed to set up an office
placed in the Luxembourg House in Sibiu for the necessary works in organising
the programme.
A third office will be opened soon in the very centre of the city, in the Large Square, in the building of the City Hall which is presently under restauration.

The budget at the disposal of the Sibiu 2007 Association has been put in place so far by Sibiu Town Hall and Romanian Government.

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