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The bus and trolley system is operated by Tursib
Bus and Trolley tickets can be purchased at tickets booths. A ticket is valid for two travels. One travel is considered from the time you take the bus to the time you leave the bus. Once on bord you have to slip one part of the ticket into a punching device and press a button to validate the travel.


Tourist information

There is a tourist office on the Large Sq. It provides maps, information and brochures. They also can help you in finding a reservation


All travelers should consider purchasing travel insurance. There are many pharamacies throughout the city and a short list is provided on this page.


You can exchange money at banks and privately owned bureaux de change, called ‘Casa de schimb valutar” Usually there is no commision charged for transition. Not all the banks exchange travelers’ checks. The Romanian currency is called LEU and is the only currency accepted in shops and restaurants. The most accepted foreign currency are the American dollar and the Euro, so be sure that you have some of these before enter the country.

Telephone and Postal service

The Romanian Telecommunication agency is called Rotelecom and the postal service is Posta Romana.
The public telephones in Sibiu have push-button; Usually a telephone directory could be found in the telephone booths.
To use a public telephone you need a phone card which is sold in post offices, some news-stands or at Telecom office.
The telephone numbers have ten digits: the first four digits – 0269 - indicate the Sibiu code and the rest six the number. Do not dial the initial zero when calling from abroad.
The Romanian code number is 004. Mobile telephony is widely used in Romania.
Letters are dropped into red mail boxes

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