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What does Volunteers Service mean
How can I be part of the Volunteers Service?
What are the advantages of volunteering?
I have never been a volunteer - does this matter
Does age matter?
What support will I be given as a volunteer?
Will I be paid?
Can I claim benefits while volunteering?
What is expected of me?
How long do I need to volunteer?
I do not live in Sibiu; can I still be a volunteer for Sibiu 2007 ECC?
What if I am a volunteer from outside Romania?

1. What does Volunteers Service mean?

The Volunteers Service is essential for the success of the activities scheduled within the 2007 Sibiu European Cultural Capital Program. It is meant to provide those interested in participating in the SECC 2007 Program with training opportunities and advantages. The Volunteers Service has 3 components:

- International volunteers service, in partnership with Luxembourg through EVS (European Voluntary Service). This component provides Romanian volunteers with the opportunity to go to Luxembourg for a period of 7 up to 12 months. In addition, 10 international volunteers from outside Romania will come to Sibiu for a maximum of 4 months, as a result of the partnership that will be signed by the ANT (National Authority for Youth) through the Sibiu County Youth Department and the SECC 2007 Association;
- Volunteers for the SECC 2007 Association. Volunteers selected based on submitted applications will be directly involved in all the projects of the Association, in a wide range of activities: event assistants, animation, office management, translation/interpretation, technical assistance, logistical assistance, tourism, photography, public relations, guiding, youth programs, moderators, etc.
- Volunteers for the projects within the Sibiu ECC 2007 Program. The Volunteers Service will create a volunteer database which will include the coordinates of volunteers and of the project managers that have required for their participation through the Project Verification Form. SECC 2007 Volunteers Service will facilitate contact between volunteers and cultural operators.

2. How can I be part of the Volunteers Service?

- First, go to www.sibiu2007.ro, under the Association 2007 menu, where you find the downloadable application form. Fill it in and send it to info2007@sibiu.ro, or mail to the following address: 16 Piata Mica, Sibiu, Attn: Lavinia Alexe – Volunteers Coordinators;
- If you cannot download the application form, it will be available at several institutions in Sibiu, beginning with October 1st, 2006. The names of the institutions will be posted at www.sibiu2007.ro and they will be in the media before October 1st, 2006;
- Or call +40-269/ 231 411. Contact person: Lavinia Alexe – Volunteers Coordinator.
Selected volunteers will be contacted by the volunteers coordinator and they will be informed on the training period and on the project they will work on.


3. What are the advantages of volunteering?

There are several reasons for which those who are interested in the Program usually apply. Benefits include: - The opportunity to take part in all the events of the Sibiu 2007 Program;
- Training sessions;
- Experience for a better job;
- Learning new things and acquiring skills;
- Becoming familiar with various operational systems and organizational structures;
- Membership in a prestigious organisation;
- Testing a new career;
- Having the chance to give what you have received from others in return;
- Exposure to new cultural areas;
- Spending time in a way that is useful for you and for the community you live in;
- Personal development and new contacts you will use in your future activities/career;
- A volunteer certificate can influence the score in emplyment competitions if two or more candidates applied for the same position (according to Art. 17 fo the modification and completionf of the Volunteers Act no. 195/2001).


4. I have never been a volunteer - does this matter?

We do NOT consider it a disadvantage! We encourage first-time volunteers and we appreciate their interest in the Sibiu European Cultural Capital 2007 Program. You will be trained so that you feel prepared in your first role. Volunteers work in teams and, during the first days in the job, you will be accompanied by an experienced person. Volunteering should be a fun experience, based on the skills of each and every volunteer, and we will do our best to ensure that your time with us is as rewarding as possible.


5. Does age matter?

Age is not important. What is important, though, is the enthusiasm, the desire to get involved in the changing process of your community and your interest in working in a team where collaboration and dialogue are essential in creating high standard events. We encourage all age categories, including retired persons, to apply for the Volunteers Service.


6. What support will I be given as a volunteer?

Volunteers with various backgrounds will come to the Program Sibiu CCE 2007. We will make sure that each volunteer is properly trained in the area in which they will perform. All volunteers are also required to attend an event briefing prior to the specific training period. If you have any specific needs, please inform the Volunteers Service Coordinator and we will do our best to make sure that your training is as fulfilling as possible.


7. Will I be paid?

Volunteers will not be paid for their services. The definition of volunteers, as adopted by the National Council for Volunteering, stated that “volunteering is an activity done out of one’s own initiative, by any natural person for the benefit of others, without receiving financial rewards”. Depending on the case and on the time allotted as volunteer, you will have lunch and refreshments. You will be provided with a uniform bearing the SECC 2007 logo. Occasionally, there will be other (non-financial) rewards, such as tickets to events, participation in special meetings, etc.

8. Can I claim benefits while volunteering?

Of course you can. The relationship between volunteers and the organization they are involved in are clearly stated in the Volunteers Act no. 195/2001. in addition, for updated details and information on volunteer rights and obligations, you can access www.voluntariat.ro. These can also be found in the contract each volunteer will sign with the Sibiu ECC 2007 Association.


9. What is expected of me?

Volunteer roles vary for each event. We can provide you with several examples, but the area is much wider and you will be familiarized with it during the selection process:

- Meet-and-greeters (airport, train station, accommodation etc.);
- Animators;
- Administrative volunteers;
- Children projects coordinators;
- Interpreters/Translators;
- Drivers;
- Technical assistance;
- Backstage/artists assistance;
- Venue setting;
- Assistance during performances/events;
- Load in – load out;
- Poster and promotional materials distribution;
- Ticketing assistance;
- Moderators;
- Graphic artists / Make-up artists;
- Photographers;
- Cameramen;
- IT Staff assistance;
- Web site assistance;
- Guiding;
- Medical services.

It is important to try out several roles and inform the Volunteers Service Coordinator on what is of interest to you.


10. How long do I need to volunteer?

This is up to you. You can volunteer for an hour, a day, a weekend or longer - it depends on your availability and the requirements of the particular activity you are involved in. It goes without saying that the shorter your time allotted to volunteering, the more difficult it is for us to try and find a project that suits you. Please keep us abreast of your availability so that we can keep you informed on appropriate opportunities as they arise. Even if you work full-time, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to get involved in the Sibiu ECC 2007 Program.


11. I do not live in Sibiu; can I still be a volunteer for Sibiu 2007 ECC?

We encourage volunteers from outside Sibiu, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fully reimburse travel and accommodation expenses, although we will strive to do this. Please do not hesitate to contact us as there may be alternative ways for you to engage in the program.

12. What if I am a volunteer from outside Romania?

We encourage cultural exchange and mobility, as they are essential for the Sibiu 2007 ECC Program. Thus, if you are a volunteer from outside Romania, please download the English Volunteers Application Form that you can find on www.sibiu2007.ro and send it at info2007@sibiu.ro, and the volunteers coordinator will contact you as soon as possible. The volunteering period is 4-month long (May, June, July, August 2007) with possible changes volunteers will be informed of in advance. Meals, accommodation, pocket money and transport will be covered by Sibiu ECC 2007.

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