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Thalia Hall
Radu Stanca Theatre
union hall
transylvania hall
Arts Lyceum

Thalia Hall
Str. Cetatii
The largest defence tower of the city built in 1540 was added and adjoining construction and was turned into a theatre at the beginning of the 19th century. The work on restauration and rehabilitation was completed in 2004. With its 400 places, Thalia Hall will host theatrical shows and concerts.

National Theatre Radu Stanca
Bd. Corneliu Coposu
The interior was refurbished in 2001, the exterior works and extension due to end in 2006. Number of places 335, plus conference room 40 places.

Trade Unions Cultural Centre
Built in the 70’s, the Trade Unions Cultural Centre houses two halls, one with 760 places - for concerts and theatre, the other with 120 places – for conferences. Trade Union Cultural Centre is the traditional host for the Internationa Jazz Festival

Transylvania Hall
Modern hall, inaugurated in 1998, used for indoor sports events, shows and fairs. It houses between 1.800 and 2.300 places.

Festivity Hall of the Municipality
Located in a building which dates back from 1902 in the very centre of the city, can house conferences, exhibitions. The building is undertaking a radical operation of restauration and modernisation, due to be finished in 2005. Press centre, cafeteria, two other smaller conference rooms.

Asylum Church
A 13th century church which developed a hospital and asylum still functional, the building is under rehabilitation works, due to be finished in 2005. Has beeb used for artists’ performances.

Festivity Hall of ASTRA Library
Building dating from 1905, with marmor columns and richly guilded decorations of a mixture between late Barocque and Victorian style. Used for theatre, concerts and conferences, 220 places.

Modern Art Exhibition Halls
The 2 halls with a total surface of 400 square metres are located in the historic centre of the city and house permanent exhibitions of modern art.

Festivity Hall of Brukenthal Highschool
Housed by the building of the oldest highschool of the city, the impressive Festivity Hall is decorated with Barocque panneled wood. Used for conferences, concerts. Up to 130 places.

Festivity Halls of Highschools
Highschools in Sibiu repeatedly hosted performances of the local festivals in their festivity halls. Festivity Halls at Saguna Highschool – 200 places, Noica Highschool – 180 places.

Sports Halls
Modern facility innaugurated in 2004, the sports halls of the Highschool Goga can shelter non-conventional show and concert approaches. The sports hall of the Beaux Arts College will be finished in the autumn of 2004.

The Summer Theatre at the Cultural Centre of the Municipality
It is located in the city’s centre and hosted for many years jazz, dance, folklore, theatre and film performances for up to 900 spectators.

The Amphiteatre on Dumbrava Lake placed in the open air Museum of Village Life. The scene constructed on the lake makes a provocative and inspiring location for concerts, happenings, dance performances. Beautifully surrounded by the forests of Dumbrava natural parc, the Amphitheatre has a capacity of 300 persons.

The cultural infrastructure is completed by 1 modern cinema and 16 conference rooms with capacities varying from 100 to 300 places.

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