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Historic buildings (SELECTION)

turnul sfatuluiThe Council Tower, Piata Mica nr. 1
The Council Tower was built in the 13th century being the first time mentioned in a document dated 1370. Its name is related to the next building, which was the first Town Hall of the city. The tower became the entrance gate of the second fortified walls. At the last floor, an observation desk allows a bird-eyes view over the historic town and one floor below you can see the clock mechanism

casa artelorThe Arts House, Piata Mare nr. 21
The Arts House is one of the most beautiful buildings in Sibiu and one of city's symbols. The Arts House, is the Old Butchers house built in 15th century and designed for shops, dominates the square with its silhouette with eight arches at the ground floor. Now hosts the "Emil Sigerus' Museum

turnul scariiStairs Tower , Piata Huet
The tower, one of the oldest building in Sibiu, is raised on the foundation of the oldest element preserved from the first fortifications around the church existing here at the end of the 12-th century. The present tower is dated from 1542

zidThe Fortress
The most of the remaining parts of the old City Walls and Towers can be seen on the East side of the town along the Coposu Avenue and Manejului Street. On Cetatii Street there are three remaining towers from the third belt of fortifications.

turnThe Thick Tower,
Bd. C. Coposu
Built at the middle of the 16th century it used to be the infantry tower. The first town theatre was installed here in 1778. Recently renovated and incorporated in the new city theatre

hallerHaller Bastion
Part of the protection edifice that surrounded the old town, built in 1552. Situated at the south-eastern end of the fortification, on the present Corneliu Coposu Boulevard, is an ample construction with brick structure.

turnIn the Lower Town, at the further end of strada Zidului (Wall Street) stands the circular Gunpowder Tower (Turnul Pulberariei).
A circular massive tower built in 16th century as part of Ocna Gate Complex used to store gunpowder. In Pulberariei street stands an octagonal tower built by the Tanner's guild, Turnul Pielarilor

The Old Town Hall
A historic building used to be the Old Town Hall for 450 years. The building was built in 16th century in Renaissance and Gothic style.
There is a gallery in the yard, which leads to the tower.

casa hallerHaller House, Piata Mare 10,
Built in Renascence style it preserves from the old edifice built in 15-16th century the arches, decorations, doorframes, and the portal with blazon. Haller family will be the owner of the building for 345 years.

casaBobel House
Str. Avram Iancu nr. 16
It is among the oldest dwelling from Sibiu.

podThe Liars Bridge, Piata Mica
The first iron-cast bridge in Romania built in 1859 over the way of acces that connects the upper town to the lower town, opened in 1851.

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