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The City of Sibiu/Hermannstadt is situated in the Eastern Europe, in the center of Romania at the crosspoint of the 45°48' parallel, northern latitude with the 24°29' meridian eastern longitude.
Sibiu/Hermannstadt is located in the South of Transylvania, on the northern slopes of the Carpathian Mountains (Fagaras, Lotru and Cibin ranges), 413 meters above sea level. The city, which is the capital of the County of Sibiu, enjoys a mild climate.
With its 155.045 permanent inhabitants plus 25.000 temporary inhabitants (mainly students), Sibiu/Hermannstadt is the biggest city in the county (423.061 inhabitants) and one of the most important in Transylvania.
The city’s community is made up of different ethnic groups. The large majority of the population are Romanians (94%), speaking Romanian, the only Latin language in the Eastern Europe. Romanians live together with small communities of Germans (2%) – descendants of German colonists who emigrated in the 12th century from the area where Luxembourg is nowadays, with Hungarians (2%) and Roma (0,5%), and a very small Jewish community, all contributing with particular cultural influences to the life of the city.
The same diversity describes the landscape of faiths and beliefs in Sibiu/Hermannstadt: alongside the Orthodox (91%) live and practise freely their belief Reformed (3%), Roman-Catholics (1,5%), Greek-Catholics (2%).
The diversity of its inhabitants, belonging to different ethnic groups, generations and lifestyles, gives the city a unique flair. Consequently, the residents of Sibiu/Hermannstadt have developed an intercultural consciousness, which greatly contributes to the quality of life in this city.
The key economic areas are the auto supply industry, mechanical engineering, textile industry, logistics and packaging, food items, textiles and clothing, trade and craftsmanship. In recent years, the electronics industry has begun to flourish.
One of the main concerns for the city is attracting new investors to locate their businesses in Sibiu/Hermannstadt.
A new industrial park has been recently completed.
Sibiu/Hermannstadt has a diverse media industry, including newspapers, magazines, local radio and television stations.
The city has a well-developed network of educational institutions at all levels. The city of Sibiu/Hermannstadt is an important medical centre in the region and has a large number of hospitals, clinics, foster homes and other institutions which provide health care.

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