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Agentia CFR Sibiu
Str. Nicolae Balcescu nr. 6
Tel: 0269/21.20.85

Sibiu International Airport is situated at 5 km from city centre with direct access from main highway, E68.

Technical data:
The runway is 2000 m long and 30 m wide

Address: Sos. Alba Iulia 73
Tel: +40 269 228347

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Access to Sibiu/Hermannstadt can be easily gained by air, road or railway
Sibiu/Hermannstadt is connected to the European motor and railway network. In recent years, the main improvements were focused on an extension of the interregional motorways, which led to better access to the city. Railway and road acces through Wien– Budapest and from Belgrade and Sofia - Bucharest.

By train
Despite Sibiu's location outside the main railway line which joins Bucharest to Hungary and beyond, train remains the easiest, cheapest and most comfortable way to get here. Remember, though, that from Bucharest, there are just two trains daily to Sibiu (one in the morning, one in the night). Also, Sibiu is one of the only cities of Romania not served by the modern and snazzy InterCity network from Bucharest, even though there are InterCity trains from Cluj Napoca.
From Bucharest, the train most tourists take is the day train A 1621 which leaves Bucharest North at 09:45 and arrives at Sibiu at 15:31, nearly six hours later and stopping at most towns along the way.
Coming from Cluj Napoca, the main city of Transylvania, is a much better opportunity to get to Sibiu. In fact, many tourists do just that, as part of their Transylvanian tour. From Cluj Napoca, there are two fairly-convenient trains a day, one at 05:41 and one at 14:57, taking around 3 hours and a half. The trains are smooth-running and very comfortable.

By plane
If you're not coming to Sibiu from another Romanian town, plane is an excellent option, as there are direct connections to Sibiu International Airport from many European cities, especially those in Germany and Italy.
Carpatair, Transylvania's largest airline, offers daily connections to Munich, Bergamo and Treviso, and connections three times a week to Bologna, Verona, Rome and Stuttgart.
TAROM, Romania's national carrier, flies five times a week from Sibiu to Munich. There are also flights five times a week to Bucharest, even though the train is the best option if you're coming from inside Romania.
Talks have started with the airlines operating the existing flights in order to introduce more flights and raise the capacity of the planes. The first measures to extend and modernise the airport are underway.

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